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Turku Modern was established in 2009 and is located in Turku, Finland. The main core of the festival takes at local galleries, bars and clubs near one of Finland ́s nationally iconic sceneries, the Aura riverside. The goal for Turku Modern festival is to create an interesting combination of music and arts for the festival’s audience and create a connection to the city’s ongoing cultural life.

The free events taking place by the riverside make a big part of the festival. In fact, Turku Modern events are mainly free of charge, except the main club events during the weekend.

Turku Modern is a well known brand in Finland and beyond. It has created a strong brand with its high quality programme, which is contemporary and challenges its audience. Turku Modern is a much more alternative festival when compared to many mainstream music events and festivals; and the combination of merely electronic music and art is unique in Finnish cultural scene. The festival highlights local, nationally and internationally significant and active music producers, influential pioneers and interesting newcomers. Turku Modern also brings local music performers and organizations together to make the festival and curating the program e.g. The X-rust organization and University of Turku’́s electronic music organization TYEMYY ry.

Country: Finland
Facebook: Turku Modern