Special-K is an Icelandic avant-garde musician and artist. Her debut album I Thought I’d Be More Famous by Now is a visual album where every song has its own music video. A “No budget Lemonade”. She combines different elements like pop culture, fashion, poetry and whimsical music to create a universe of her own. A Universe made out of post-internet aesthetics, cheekily honest lyrics and all kinds of quirky sounds and instruments. The music (which is all written, recorded and produced by her) is a mixture of rawness and sophistication, combining complex synth arrangements with playful recorder flute solos etc. When playing live she has the videos playing on a big screen behind her with karaoke lyrics. The album is a tribute to the bittersweet melancholy of the everyday life of a millennial. Unfulfilled dreams of fame and glory, impostor syndrome and love and boredom in the age of tinder are amongst her themes. Her lyrics and style are at the same time a 100% sincere and 100% ironic.