NNK offers a broad art- and culture programme, with newly commissioned inter-disciplinary productions, where some involve the public in co-creation and participation. The festival develops a broad cooperation with art- and culture- institutions and artists in the region. The purpose of the program is to present the width of the culture scene in Nuuk and it ́s Nordic interconnections. Therefore the programme consists of many different art disciplines and productions that cross art and other knowledge domains.

With the broad spectrum of artistic and cultural expressions the festival strive for erasing boundaries between art and entertainment, practitioners and spectators, tradition and renewal, audiences and venues, and aim to foster unexpected situations, meetings and encourage new alliances, relationships.

The multifaceted programme approach with contribution from many involved parties, offers on one hand a committed and on the other hand vulnerable process. At best it ensures forms of participation from a climate of consensus to a dissensus shaped exchange of meaning. We seek to avoid a target-group mindset, and rather facilitate more dynamic relationships striving for temporary non- representative communities, that offers a public situation where values, meaning are put in motion. This festival modus opens up for a space of reflection around our position as citizens, spectators, participants, artists and our surroundings. It’s a matter of setting the culture in motion and creating space for collective self- reflection.

Country: Greenland
The festival is no longer partner in the network.
Facebook: Nuuk Nordisk Kulturfestival