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Insomnia is a yearly festival in Tromsø. Established in 2002, it is now Norway ́s longest running festival, focussing on electronic music and related arts. Insomnia has continued the legacy of Tromsø from the 1990 ́s as Norway’s capital in terms of house and techno music. The festival has since then developed a unique format combining concerts, exhibitions, club nights and artistic performances during which dozens of artists present can meet influential figures in design and technology each year.

Right from the beginning, the festival has positioned itself as an independent event which aims to supporting new creative and innovative cultural practices, both locally and internationally. Emerging artists along with headliners, as well as a panel of experts and professionals travel to the northern Arctic Circle to discover the latest trends in musical experimentation and innovative technology. Insomnia also aims to promote diversity through presenting a wide range of artists.

In addition to the important international focus, Insomnia also works to empower the local community of artists by always presenting young and emerging talents. Most of the festival work, both curatorial and administrative, are done though a large voluntary staff of about 75 people, a work-process that seeks to build competence in a larger part of the local community.

Country: Norway
Facebook: Insomnia Festival