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Showcase: MeetFactory

Up Node present a two-night showcase at Czech MeetFactory for a showcase features Nordic artists located somewhere between underground and overlord including tongue-in-cheek techno antics from Swedish rip ME, veteran confidant knob twists by Danish producer HVAD, new experimental blood by dj. flugvél og geimskip and Easter. Meanwhile Finnish finest eccentric Jaakko Eino Kalevi brings a full band and Stockholm’s Dinamarca will burners all ready to be unleashed on discerning floors – a highly captivating line up that keeps things entirely fresh and tropic.

RSVP NIGHT1: Easter + Jaakko Eino Kalevi + dj. flugvél og geimskip
RSVP NIGHT2: Dinamarca + HVAD + rip ME


Lecture: “A Fresh Stream of Thought: Matthew Arnold and the value of culture” with Craig Schuftan

Curators and festival organisers work in a sector that is forever holding out its hat to organisations with money on the one hand, while defending itself from philistine attacks on the other. We do both by appealing to the value and importance of culture. But where is the value, and why exactly is it important?
When: Norbergfestival 2019, Norberg, July 27th

Lecture: A guide to music journalism by Lisa Blanning

In the age of social media, what role does music journalism have? How has its function changed over the years, and where could that lead?
When: Norbergfestival 2019, Norberg, July 28th

Showcase: Norbergfestival X Proton

Proton and Norbergfestival join forces and presents an extraordinaire night of contemporary and compelling nordic sonic works.

The enigmatic duo SHXCXCHCXSH has spent the better part of this decade to explore and extend the fringes of ghostly and percussive techno, through celebrated releases on Avian and their own Rösten imprint. Their fourth album, OUFOUFOF, takes us to some newly discovered autechrian hinterland of thorny and gnarled rhythms.

Maria W Horn (SE)
Exceptionally prolific and conscientious yet with ever-present punk ethos, electronic composer and intermedial performer Maria w Horn is yielding increasing international recognition, most recently with the excellent album Kontrapoetik.

Midlands noise artist AJA is quickly gathering accolades as one of the most explosive and exuberant performers of experimental music today—we’re excited to have her as our very special international guest.

Troels Hass (Percy Records / Proton)


Showcase: CTM Festival

Together with CTM Festival, Up Node will present a selection of experimental artists from the Nordic countries throughout the festival. The six diverse performances span the mysterious, dark, selection of electro new wave from the finish DJ Kristiina Männikkö, to Maria W Horn’s haunted modulars and skillfully engineered intensity. The Danish composer Sofie Birch will be performing at MONOM in 4DSOUND, while  Sami indigenous vocal traditions will be presented in a collaboration between Maja S.K. Ratkje and Katarina Barruk with visuals made by Matti Aiko. Both dj. flugvel og geimskip and Vanligt Folk are sure to deliver an eccentric performance on stage. With this selection CTM and Up Node present the Northern hemisphere’s great variety in music and sound.


Showcase: Intonal x Norbergfestival

Together with the producers of Intonal and Norbergfestival, Up Node curates the first edition of a series of events drawing together participating festivals of the network. From early evening to late night, a diverse array of thirteen performances from six Nordic countries spread across all Inkonst stages, gathers to present a sonic palette within the experimental field. In addition to the program, all network members, artists and audience are invited to take part in an open workshop.
The event creates a unique first encounter between seven prominent festival producers within the contemporary music scene, aiming to bridge regional creative forces in the Nordic countries and to highlight a strong line-up of upcoming artists in electronic music.


Workshop: Audience Development - "How to present new art forms to a somewhat limited audience at logistically challenged areas?”

Speakers: Martha Otte, Director of the Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF) (NO) and Ulrika Lind, Head of Development at Betaniastiftelsen (SE)

When: Insomnia Festival 2018, Tromsø, October 26th

Workshop: Synth Babes - Introduction to electronic music-making and DAW

Behind the moniker Synth Babes are Ninoosh and Loljud. Together they will present an introduction to electronic music making and DAW, showing their creative processes and facilitating a gear playground with various devices! Synth Babes exists to champion gender equality in electronic music.
When: Extreme Chill Festival 2018, Reykjavik September 09th

Workshop: Best Practices: Misogyny in Music Culture

Best Practices by music critic Lisa Blanning is a presentation and workshop that takes a systematic look at a proactive approach to the different strategies we can employ to address misogyny in music culture. What works for each method? What are the drawbacks? The audience/participants will be invited to comment, critique, and contribute. Topics will include, but are not limited to: call-out culture, representation, allies, safe spaces, and intersectionality.