The Intonal crew has a special moist spot for DJs and artists that are genre-fluid and hard to categorize. This often makes for great experiences on the dance floor but, as ever, no-one thinks about the poor programme writer. In this instance, Charlotte Bendiks is notorious. Cool and flowing like a Norwegian fjord, hot and musky like a private fetish club, Bendiks’ style is as hard to pin down as an epileptic wasp caught in strobe light. Having actively shaped the Insomnia Festival in her hometown Tromsø, Bendiks have been touring ever since, from Buenos Aires to Hanoi, with her special brand of addictive body music. Intonal is now proud to bring this “Northern ambassador of distant intimacy” to Malmö, via the Up Node festival network.

Charlotte Bendiks performs at Intonal Festival as part of the exchange programme of the Up Node network, invited by Insomnia Festival. Made possible with support from the Nordic Culture Fund.