One of our hometown favourites, acclaimed drummer and latin percussionist Boska (AKA Jon-Eirik Boska) started his electronic music career right here in Tromsø working with Mental Overdrive (AKA Per Martinsen) and Charlotte Bendiks. Scoped by UK electronica, Boska’s production and DJ-ing balances inventiveness and intuition, channeling grime, ballroom, dubstep and ghetto house. Now based in Berlin, we look forward to welcoming back Boska for a fresh, bass-driven live-set sure to haunt and taunt your ears just as well as your urge to move your body.

Boska performs at Turku Modern in Nuuk, Greenland as part of the exchange programme of the Up Node network, invited by Insomania Festival in Tromsoe, Norway. Made possible with support from the Nordic Culture Fund.