Up Node is a platform for collaboration between a network of Nordic festivals for experimental music and sonic arts. The collaboration consists of seven festivals in Northern Europe and aims to strengthening new emerging artistic expressions within the Nordic Countries towards exchange of knowledge between the partners and to increase mobility for Nordic artists.

The member festivals of Up Node are:

Iceland l 6.–9. July l www.extremechill.org

In August 2009 Stereo Hypnosis held a release concert in Hellissandur, Iceland, a village on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. That is when the idea to locate the music festival at Hellissandur saw the light of day

Sweden l 27.–30. April 2017 l www.intonalfestival.com

The Intonal festival was launched 2015 as a unique cluster of collaborating entities with Malmö-based cultural centre Inkonst as the main hub. Joining forces with Inkonst was the world famous centre for Swedish electroacoustic music and sound-art, EMS and Inter Arts Center

Greenland l 16.–21. October 2017 l www.nuuknordisk.gl/

NKK offers a broad art- and culture programme, with newly commissioned inter-disciplinary productions, where some involve the public in co-creation and participation. The festival develops a broad cooperation with art- and culture- institutions and artists in the region.

Finland l 13.-16. of July 2017 l www.turkumodern.com/

Turku Modern was established in 2009 and is located in Turku, Finland. The main core of the festival takes at local galleries, bars and clubs near one of Finland ́s nationally iconic sceneries.

Norway l 26.–28. October 2017 l www.insomniafestival.no

Insomnia is a yearly festival in Tromsø. Established in 2002, it is now Norway ́s longest running festival, focussing on electronic music and related arts. Insomnia has continued the legacy of Tromsø from the 1990 ́s

Sweden l 27.–29. July 2017 l www.norbergfestival.com

Norbergfestival is a festival for exploratory music and interdisciplinary art held in Norberg, Sweden annually since 2000. The festival was founded by a group from Copenhagen, mesmerized by the structure of the discontinued mine where the festival is still held.

Denmark l 12–14. October 2017 l www.phonofestival.dk

PHONO Festival is an annual international festival for adventurous, electronic music. The festival offers a non-compromising programme including concerts, multidisciplinary performances, light installations, talks and much more.


The Up Node collaboration aims to build a sustainable infrastructure to establish, sustain and promote international awareness of electronic music environments in the Nordic countries.

The Up Node network aims to support and encourage new talents on the electronic music scene in the nordic countries. By carefully selecting and hosting artists from the different counteries invovled in the network and actively build bridges between a vide range of artistic invoriments and expand the awerness of the individual artist and also the cultural fields, scenes and genres represented.

To establish awareness on the environment of professional and unique electronic music festivals in the North and function as a quality stamp for artists booked in the artist exchange program, as well as the skills shared in the knowledge exchange program

Events arranged within the festival organized by Up Node members includes concerts, educational workshops, panel discusions, network meetings.



International knowledge development

Public knowledge development


Artistic exchange

Knowledge exchange

Transdisciplinary production

A transdisciplinary approach to the artistic production within the project further drives a qualitative development for these smaller artistic communities, by empowering artists in the development of new means and expressions and extending exposure to multidisciplinary audiences.

Geographic outreach

By introducing participators to new geographies in a range of almost 4000 kilometres across the globe, the encounters empowers artists, partners and audience alike in the acquisition of new aesthetic experiences and situations.


Through seminars, conference and workshops we aim to ensure sharing knowledge and produce new research within the field of music and related arts.

The artist exchange programme is the pulse of the network. The programme is based on rotation and co-curation. We invite artists to join the network and visit the other collaborators to share their music with new audience. Each festival carefully select an artist for the exchange programme and add the artist to the Up Node programme.

The Up Node network support the expansion of new audience to the field through branding.

As much as the festival is about music and the artists on stage, festivals would be nothing without the people working behind the scenes. The Up Node network is also a network for the people working with administration, booking or technicians.

There is no progression without a great story and documentation. We therefore aim to communicate on multiple formats to ensure our insights and agendas are spread and travels beyond Up Node. We aim to create a captivating stories that reaches an audience that share our values and vision.